B-domain containing protein Kua (IPR019547)

Short name: Kua

Domain relationships



This entry represents Kua, also known as TMEM189. Kua proteins are predicted to be homologues of the Arabidopsis FAD4 (At4g27030) protein, which is a member of a novel class of fatty acid desaturases [PMID: 19682287]. It contains a B-domain that may be responsible for its protein localisation [PMID: 11076860, PMID: 20420830].

This entry also includes the human Kua-UEV fusion protein. In humans, Kua and UEV1 are adjacent genes, expressed either as separate transcripts encoding independent Kua and UEV1 proteins, or as a hybrid Kua-UEV transcript, encoding a two-domain protein. UEV1 shares protein sequence similarity with yeast UEV (also known as Mms2), which is an ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme variant [PMID: 11076860].

Interestingly, in Caenorhabditis elegans and Drosophila melanogaster, Kua and UEV are in separated loci, and are expressed as independent transcripts and proteins [PMID: 11076860].

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