Nuclear respiratory factor-1, activation binding domain (IPR019526)

Short name: Nrf1_activation-bd

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Nuclear respiratory factor-1 (Nrf-1) is a transcriptional activator that has been implicated in the nuclear control of respiratory chain expression in vertebrates. The first 26 amino acids of nuclear respiratory factor-1 are required for the binding of dynein light chain. The interaction with dynein light chain is observed for both ewg and Nrf-1, transcription factors that are structurally and functionally similar between humans and Drosophila [PMID: 11069771].

In Drosophila, the erect wing (ewg) protein is required for proper development of the central nervous system and the indirect flight muscles. The fly ewg gene encodes a novel DNA-binding domain that is also found in four genes previously identified in sea urchin, chicken, zebrafish, and human [PMID: 10656923].

The highest level of expression of both ewg and Nrf-1 was found in the central nervous system, somites, first branchial arch, optic vesicle, and otic vesicle. In the mouse Nrf-1 protein, Q8C4C0, there is an activation domain at 303-469, the most conserved part of which is this domain 446-469. Ewg is a site-specific transcriptional activator, and evolutionarily conserved regions of ewg contribute both positively and negatively to transcriptional activity [PMID: 11278998].

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