A-kinase anchor protein 7, RI-RII subunit-binding domain (IPR019511)

Short name: AKAP7_RI-RII-bd_dom

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This entry represents the RI-RII subunit-binding domain found at the C-terminal of the cyclic AMP-dependent protein kinase A (PKA) anchor protein, AKAP7. This protein anchors PKA, for its role in regulating PKA-mediated gene transcription in both somatic cells and oocytes, by binding to its regulatory subunits, RI and RII, hence being known as a dual-specific AKAP [PMID: 12804576]. The 25 crucial amino acids of RII-binding domains in general form structurally conserved amphipathic helices with unrelated sequences; hydrophobic amino acid residues form the backbone of the interaction and hydrogen bond- and salt-bridge-forming amino acid residues increase the affinity of the interaction [PMID: 16483255]. The nuclear localisation signal-containing domain is found at the N terminus.

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