MENTAL domain (IPR019498)

Short name: MENTAL

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The following proteins share a conserved region called the MENTAL (MLN64 N-terminal) domain, composed of four transmembrane helices with three short intervening loops [PMID: 12393907, PMID: 15718238, PMID: 16709157]:

  • Animal MLN64 (metastatic lymph node 64), a late endosomal membrane protein containing a carboxyl-terminal cholesterol binding START domain (IPR002913). It is probably involved in intracellular cholesterol transport.
  • Mammalian MENTHO (MLN64 N-terminal domain homologue), a late endosomal protein containing only the MENTAL domain. It is probably involved in cellular cholesterol homoeostasis.
The ~170-amino acid MENTAL domain mediates MLN64 and MENTHO homo- and hetero- interactions, targets both proteins to late endosomes and binds cholesterol. The MENTAL domain might serve to maintain cholesterol at the membrane of late endosomes prior to its shuttle to cytoplasmic acceptor(s) through the START domain.

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