Lipoate protein ligase, C-terminal (IPR019491)

Short name: Lipoate_protein_ligase_C

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This is the C-terminal domain of a bacterial lipoate protein ligase [PMID: 16043486]. There is no conservation between this C terminus and that of vertebrate lipoate protein ligase C-termini, but both are associated with IPR004143, further upstream. This C-terminal domain is more stable than IPR004143 and the hypothesis is that the C-terminal domain has a role in recognising the lipoyl domain and/or transferring the lipoyl group onto it from the lipoyl-AMP intermediate. C-terminal fragments of length 172 to 193 amino acid residues are observed in the eubacterial enzymes whereas in their archaeal counterparts the C-terminal segment is significantly smaller, ranging in size from 87 to 107 amino acid residues.

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