Interleukin-12 beta, central domain (IPR019482)

Short name: IL-12_beta_cen-dom

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This entry represents the central domain (domain 2) of the beta subunit (also known as subunit p40) interleukin-12 (IL-12). This domain is largely beta-stranded with a fibronectin III-like structure. IL-12 is produced on stimulation by macrophage-engulfed micro-organisms and other stimuli, when it dimerises with IL-12 subunit alpha (subunit p35) to form a heterodimer which then binds to receptors on natural killer cells to activate them to destroy the micro-organisms [PMID: 10899108]. This domain contains two disulphide bridges, one of which serves to bind the beta subunit to the alpha subunit, and the other to hold the beta strands within the domain together. The cupped shape of the alpha subunit binding interface matches the elbow-like bend between domains 2 and 3 in the beta subunit [PMID: 15661020]. Domain 3 also has a fibronectin iii-like structure.

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