EEIG1/EHBP1 N-terminal domain (IPR019448)

Short name: NT-C2

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This version of the C2 domain was initally identified in the vertebrate estrogen early-induced gene 1 (EEIG1) [PMID: 14605097], and its Drosophila ortholog required for uptake of dsRNA via the endocytotic machinery to induce RNAi silencing [PMID: 20713135]. It is also found in the C. elegans ortholog Sym-3 (SYnthetic lethal with Mec-3) and the mammalian protein EHBP1 (EH domain Binding Protein-1) that regulates endocytotic recycling, as well as two plant proteins - RPG that regulates Rhizobium-directed polar growth, and PMI1 (Plastid Movement Impaired 1) that is essential for intracellular movement of chloroplasts in response to blue light [PMID: 20713135].

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