FMP27, GFWDK domain (IPR019441)

Short name: FMP27_GFWDK_dom

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This domain is found in fungi, metazoans and plants that contains a characteristic GFWDK sequence motif. These include FMP27 and maize protein APT1 and Arabidopsis homologues SABRE and KIP.

The function of the FMP27 protein is not known. FMP27 is the product of a nuclear encoded gene but it is detected in highly purified mitochondria in high-throughput studies [PMID: 16823961]. APT1 is required for pollen tube growth. It is a Golgi-localised protein and appears to regulate vesicular trafficking [PMID: 16299389]. SABRE and KIP are APT1 homologues and they are involved in the elongation of root cortex cells and pollen tubes respectively.

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