Peptidase C65, otubain (IPR019400)

Short name: Peptidase_C65_otubain

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This family of proteins is a highly specific ubiquitin iso-peptidase that removes ubiquitin from proteins [PMID: 12704427]. The modification of cellular proteins by ubiquitin (Ub) is an important event that underlies protein stability and function in eukaryotes, as it is a dynamic and reversible process. Otubain carries several key conserved domains: (i) the OTU (ovarian tumour domain) in which there is an active cysteine protease triad (ii) a nuclear localisation signal, (iii) a Ub interaction motif (UIM)-like motif phi-xx-A-xxxs-xx-Ac (where phi indicates an aromatic amino acid, x indicates any amino acid and Ac indicates an acidic amino acid), (iv) a Ub-associated (UBA)-like domain and (v) the LxxLL motif [PMID: 1270442].

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