Gamma-secretase aspartyl protease complex, presenilin enhancer-2 subunit (IPR019379)

Short name: Gamma_Secretase_Asp_P_PEN2

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This entry is a short, 101 peptide protein, which is the smallest subunit of the gamma-secretase aspartyl protease complex. It catalyses the intra-membrane cleavage of a subset of type I transmembrane proteins. The other active constituents of the complex are presenilin (PS) nicastrin and anterior pharynx defective-1 (APH-1) protein. Presenilin enhancer-2 (PEN-2) adopts a hairpin orientation in the membrane with its N- and C-terminal domains facing the luminal/extracellular space. The C-terminal domain maintains PS stability within the complex [PMID: 15953349].

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