THO complex, subunit 5 (IPR019163)

Short name: THO_Thoc5

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This entry represents Thoc5 which is one of the subunits of the THO complex, which additionally contains: HPR1, Thoc2, Thoc6 and Thoc7. The evolutionarily conserved multisubunit THO complex, which is recruited to actively transcribed genes is required for the efficient expression of genes that have internal tandem repeats. It is suggested that the THO complex functions to rectify aberrant structures that arise during transcription [PMID: 16983072, PMID: 15998806] and is required for cell proliferation and for proper export of heat-shock mRNAs under heat stress [PMID: 15133499].

This entry also identifies the crucial 144 N-terminal residues of the FMIP protein, which is essential for the binding of the protein to the cytoplasmic domain of activated Fms-molecules in M-CSF induced haematopoietic differentiation of macrophages. The C terminus contains a putative nuclear localisation sequence and a leucine zipper which suggest further, as yet unknown, nuclear functions. The level of FMIP expression might form a threshold that determines whether cells differentiate into macrophages or into granulocytes [PMID: 10597251].

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