CLEC16A/TT9, N-terminal (IPR019155)

Short name: CLEC16A/TT9_N

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CLEC16A (C-Type Lectin Domain Containing 16A) has an inhibitory role in autophagy, probably by activating the mTOR pathway [PMID: 28223137]. It also has a role in beta-cells as a regulator of mitophagy [PMID: 24949970].

GFS9/TT9 (TRANSPARENT TESTA 9) is a protein from Arabidopsis required for vacuolar development through membrane fusion at vacuoles. It contributes to intracellular membrane trafficking and flavonoid accumulation [PMID: 25116949].

This entry represents a domain found at the N terminus of CLEC16A and GFS9/TT9.

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