Arb2 domain (IPR019154)

Short name: Arb2_domain

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This domain is found at the C-terminal of Clr3 (Cryptic loci regulator 3) also known as histone deacetylase clr3 (EC: Structure analysis reveals that the Arb2 domain has clear homology to alpha/beta-hydrolases but that it is lacking the catalytic triad of these enzymes. Functional studies show that the Arb2 domain is necessary for centromeric heterochromatin silencing suggesting a model where the Arb2 domain, through residues N562 and Y563, acts as an anchor that connects the HDAC activity of Clr3 to the SHREC complex. SHREC (Snf2/Hdac Repressive) complex in fission yeast drives transcriptional gene silencing in heterochromatin [PMID: 27105116].

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