Nck-associated protein 1 (IPR019137)

Short name: Nck-associated_protein-1

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Nck-associated protein 1 is part of lamellipodial complex that controls Rac-dependent actin remodeling. It associates preferentially with the first SH3 domain of Nck and is a component of the WAVE2 complex composed of ABI1, CYFIP1/SRA1, NCKAP1/NAP1 and WASF2/WAVE2. It is also a component of the WAVE1 complex composed of ABI2, CYFIP2, C3orf10/HSPC300, NCKAP1 and WASF1/WAVE1. CYFIP2 binds to activated RAC1 which causes the complex to dissociate, releasing activated WASF1. The complex can also be activated by NCK1. Expression of this protein was found to be markedly reduced in patients with Alzheimer's disease [PMID: 10673335].

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