Transcription factor IIIC, subunit 5 (IPR019136)

Short name: TF_IIIC_su-5

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Transcription factor IIIC (TFIIIC) is a multisubunit DNA binding factor that serves as a dynamic platform for assembly of pre-initiation complexes on class III genes. This entry represents subunit 5 (also known as the tau 95 subunit) which holds a key position in TFIIIC, exerting both upstream and downstream influence on the TFIIIC-DNA complex by rendering the complex more stable [PMID: 12533520]. Once bound to tDNA-intragenic promoter elements, TFIIIC directs the assembly of TFIIIB on the DNA, which in turn recruits the RNA polymerase III (pol III) and activates multiple rounds of transcription.

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