Mitochondrial inner membrane protein Mitofilin (IPR019133)

Short name: Mt-IM_prot_Mitofilin

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Mitofilin (also known as MICOS complex subunit MIC60) is a component of the MICOS complex which controls mitochondrial cristae morphology, maintenance of junctions, inner membrane architecture, and formation of contact sites to the outer membrane [PMID: 22114354, PMID: 25781180]. Mitofilin is enriched in the narrow space between the inner boundary and the outer membranes, where it forms a homotypic interaction and assembles into a large multimeric protein complex [PMID: 8886976]. The first 78 amino acids contain a typical amino-terminal-cleavable mitochondrial presequence (residues 1-43) rich in positive-charged and hydroxylated residues and a membrane anchor domain (residues 47-66). In addition, it has three centrally located coiled coil domains (residues 200-240, 280-310 and 400-420) [PMID: 15647377].

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