Rac1-binding domain (IPR019093)

Short name: Rac1-binding_domain

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The Rac1-binding domain is the C-terminal portion of YpkA from Yersinia. It is an all-helical molecule consisting of two distinct subdomains connected by a linker. The N-terminal end of this domain (residues 434-615) consists of six helices organised into two three-helix bundles packed against each other. This region is involved with binding to GTPases. The C-terminal end (residues 705-732) is a novel and elongated fold consisting of four helices clustered into two pairs, and this fold carries the helix implicated in actin activation. The Rac1-binding domain mimics host guanidine nucleotide dissociation inhibitors (GDIs) of the Rho GTPases, thereby inhibiting nucleotide exchange in Rac1 and causing cytoskeletal disruption in the host [PMID: 16959567].

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