Neuromodulin gap junction N-terminal (IPR018947)

Short name: Neuromodulin_gap-junction_N

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Neuromodulin (also known as growth-associated protein 43 or GAP-43) is a component of the motile growth cones. It is membrane protein whose expression is widely correlated with successful axon elongation [PMID: 3272162]. It is a crucial component of an effective regeneration response in the nervous system [PMID: 2641999]. Although its function is uncertain, the N-terminal region is well conserved and contains both a calmodulin binding domain, and sites for acylation, membrane attachment and protein kinase C phosphorylation. Structure predictions suggest that the C-terminal region may exist as an extended, negatively-charged rod with some similarity to the side arms of neurofilaments, indicating that the biological role of neuromodulin may depend on its ability to form a dynamic membrane-cytoplasm-calmodulin complex [PMID: 2641999].

This entry represents the neuromodulin N-terminal domain.

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