Cactin, central domain (IPR018816)

Short name: Cactin_central

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This entry represents the conserved central domain of cactin. It contains two of three predicted coiled-coil motifs. Most proteins containing this domain also have IPR019134 at the C-terminal end. Upstream of this domain in Drosophila proteins are a serine-rich region, some non-typical RD motifs and three predicted bipartite nuclear localisation signals, none of which are well-conserved.

Cactin associates with IkappaB-cactus as one of the intracellular members of the Rel (NF-kappaB) pathway which is conserved in invertebrates and vertebrates. In mammals, this pathway controls the activities of the immune and inflammatory response genes as well as viral genes, and is critical for cell growth and survival. In Drosophila, the Rel pathway functions in the innate cellular and humoral immune response, in muscle development, and in the establishment of dorsal-ventral polarity in the early embryo [PMID: 10842059].

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