Nuclear protein 1-like (IPR018792)

Short name: NUPR1-like

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This entry represents a group of nuclear proteins that are conserved from nematodes to humans. They can form a helix-loop-helix motif and are related to, yet distinct from, the HMG-I/Y-like subfamily of HMG proteins. This entry includes two human nuclear proteins, NUPR1 (also known as p8) and NUPR2. Similar to several HMGs, NUPR1 binds DNA, however, it has a low affinity and poor sequence specificity for DNA binding [PMID: 25056123]. NUPR1 is multifunctional protein that interacts with several partners to target different signalling pathways, such as the NUPR1/RELB/IER3 survival pathway [PMID: 22565310] and the PI3K/AKT signaling pathway [PMID: 22858377]. It also binds to and inhibits MSL1, a protein with 53BP1-dependent DNA-repair activity [PMID: 19650074].

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