Dihaem cytochrome c (IPR018588)

Short name: Dihaem_cytochrome-c

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Dihaem cytochrome c (DHC) is a soluble c-type cytochrome that folds into two distinct domains, each binding a single haem group and connected by a small linker region. Despite little sequence similarity, the N-terminal domain (residues 12-75) is a class I type cytochrome c, that binds one of the haems, but the domain surrounding the other haem is structurally unique. DHC binds electrostatically to an oxygen-binding protein, sphaeroides haem protein (SHP), as a component of a conserved electron transfer pathway. DHC acts as the physiological electron donor for SHP during phototrophic growth [PMID: 16700547]. In certain species DHC is found upstream of IPR011577.

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