Conserved Site

LacY/RafB permease family, conserved site (IPR018457)

Short name: LacY/RafB_perm_fam_CS


In bacteria there are a number of families of transport proteins, including symporters and antiporters, that mediate the intake of a variety of sugars with the concomitant uptake of hydrogen ions (proton symporters) [PMID: 8438231]. The lacY family of Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae are proton/beta-galactoside symporters, which, like most sugar transporters, are integral membrane proteins with 12 predicted transmembrane (TM) regions. Also similar to the lacY family are the rafinose (rafB) and sucrose (cscB) permeases from E. coli [PMID: 1435727] and melibiose permease (melY) from Enterobacter cloacae [PMID: 9209070].

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