Romo1/Mgr2 (IPR018450)

Short name: Romo1/Mgr2

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This entry includes a group of mitochondrial proteins, including reactive oxygen species modulator 1 (Romo1) from animals and Mgr2 from fungi.

Budding yeast Mgr2 is a subunit of the TIM23 translocase complex, which translocates preproteins into and across the membrane and associates with the matrix-localized import motor. It is required for binding of Tim21 to TIM23(CORE). Mrg2 is essential for cell growth at elevated temperature and for efficient protein import [PMID: 22613836].

Romo1 is responsible for increasing the level of ROS in cells. In various cancer cell lines with elevated levels of ROS there is also an increased abundance of Romo1 [PMID: 16842742]. Increased Romo1 expression can have a number of other affects including: inducing premature senescence of cultured human fibroblasts [PMID: 18836179, PMID: 18313394] and increased resistance to 5-fluorouracil [PMID: 17537404].

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