Gas vesicle C repeat (IPR018185)

Short name: Gas_vesicle_C_repeat


Gas vesicles are small, hollow, gas filled protein structures found in several cyanobacterial and archaebacterial microorganisms [PMID: 2513809]. They allow the positioning of the bacteria at the favorable depth for growth. Gas vesicles are hollow cylindrical tubes, closed by a hollow, conical cap at each end. Both the conical end caps and central cylinder are made up of 4-5 nm wide ribs that run at right angles to the long axis of the structure. Gas vesicles seem to be constituted of two different protein components: GVPa and GVPc. GVPc is a minor constituent of gas vesicles and seems to be located on the outer surface. Structurally, cyanobacterial GVPc consists of four or five tandem repeats of a 33 residue sequence flanked by sequences of 18 and 10 residues at the N- and C-termini, respectively.

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