Conserved Site

Omega-atracotoxin, conserved site (IPR018071)

Short name: Omega-atracotox_CS


This entry consists of several Hadronyche versuta (Blue mountains funnel-web spider) specific omega-atracotoxin proteins. Omega-Atracotoxin-Hv1a is an insect-specific neurotoxin whose phylogenetic specificity derives from its ability to antagonise insect, but not vertebrate, voltage-gated calcium channels. Two spatially proximal residues, Asn(27) and Arg(35), form a contiguous molecular surface that is essential for toxin activity. It has been proposed that this surface of the beta-hairpin is a key site for interaction of the toxin with insect calcium channels [PMID: 11313356].

This entry represents the conserved site of Omega-atracotoxin.

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