Flagellar assembly protein FliH/Type III secretion system HrpE (IPR018035)

Short name: Flagellar_FliH/T3SS_HrpE

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This entry represents a region found in the flagellar assembly protein FliH, as well as in type III secretion system protein HrpE.

Many flagellar proteins are exported by a flagellum-specific export pathway. Attempts have been made to characterise the apparatus responsible for this process, by designing assays to screen for mutants with export defects. Experiments involving filament removal from temperature-sensitive flagellar mutants of Salmonella typhimurium have shown that, while most mutants were able to regrow filaments, flhA, fliH, fliI and fliN mutants showed no or greatly reduced regrowth. This suggests that the corresponding gene products are involved in the process of flagellum-specific export [PMID: 1646201]. The sequence of fliH has been deduced and shown to encode a protein of molecular mass of 25,782 Da.

Bacterial HrpE proteins are belived to function on the type III secretion system, specifically the secretion of HrpZ (harpinPss) [PMID: 9045830].

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