Molybdenum-binding protein YgfN/XdhD (IPR017699)

Short name: Mo-bd_YgfN/XdhD

Overlapping homologous superfamilies

Family relationships


This family consists of YgfN, whose function is not clear. YgfN was identified as a molybdenum-binding subunit of a putative molydbopterin-containing selenate reductase complex consisting of proteins YgfK, YgfM and YgfN [PMID: 11571140, PMID: 12480890]. However, another study showed that a mutation in the gene (b2881) encoding this protein conferred sensitivity to adenine, which is associated with impaired synthesis of guanine nucleotides from adenine during purine salvage [PMID: 10986234]. YgfN is also known as XdhD, as it has been suggested to be a molybdenum-containing protein of the xanthine oxidase family [PMID: 10986234].

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