Outer membrane protein assembly factor BamB (IPR017687)

Short name: BamB

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Outer membrane protein (OMP) assembly factor BamB is part of the outer membrane protein assembly Bam complex (composed of the outer membrane protein BamA, and four lipoproteins BamB, BamC, BamD and BamE), which is involved in assembly and insertion of beta-barrel proteins into the outer membrane [PMID: 16824102, PMID: 20378773, PMID: 21823654, PMID: 21586578, PMID: 22281737]. Although BamB is not essential in E. coli, it serves an important function in the BAM complex, significantly increasing the folding efficiency of some OMPs in vivo and in vitro. It was suggested that BamB serves as a scaffolding protein in the Bam complex by optimally orienting the flexible periplasmic domain of BamA for interaction with other BAM components and chaperones [PMID: 21277859].

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