Halocyanin, copper-binding domain (IPR017533)

Short name: Halocyanin

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Halocyanins are blue (type I) copper redox proteins found in halophilic archaea such as Natronomonas pharaonis (Natronobacterium pharaonis). Halocyanin from from N. pharaonis has been characterised P39442 and shown to be a small blue copper protein with a molecular mass of about 15.5 kDa [PMID: 8195126, PMID: 8251512]. This protein, which was named halocyanin, contains one Cu2+, with a copper-binding site containing two His, one Met, and one Cys as probable ligands. It is probable that halocyanin is a peripheral membrane protein, which serves as a mobile electron carrier.

This entry represents the copper-binding domain of halocyanins. This domain is present only once in some halocyanins and is duplicated in others. It is not found in plastocyanins or certain divergent paralogs of halocyanin.

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