Tax1-binding protein 3 (IPR017268)

Short name: Tax1-binding_p3

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This entry represents Tax1-binding protein 3, also known as TIP-1, which is a PDZ domain-containing protein that functions in a wide variety of biological events through selective interaction with different proteins. It interacts with the RhoA effector protein rhotekin [PMID: 10940294]. It also associates with glutaminase L [PMID: 11163757], potassium channel Kir2.3 [PMID: 16855024] and NMDA receptors [PMID: 17855605]. In humans, Tax1-binding protein 3 has been shown to be involved in the activation of Cdc42 by the viral protein HPV16 E6 [PMID: 21139582]. TIP-1 can have both an oncogenic function or act as a tumor suppressor, probably by modulating the transcriptional activity of beta-catenin [PMID: 22564736, PMID: 12874278].

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