Inhibin, alpha subunit (IPR017175)

Short name: Inhibin_asu

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Inhibins and activins are glycoproteins, secreted by the gonads, that belong to the transforming growth factor beta family [PMID: 2417121]. Inhibin inhibits secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) by the pituitary [PMID: 3016724], and regulates ovarian folliculogenesis [PMID: 2123449] and steroidogenesis [PMID: 3474640].

Inhibin has two isoforms, A and B, with the same alpha subunit but different beta subunits. Inhibin A is a dimer of alpha and beta A subunits, inhibin B is a dimer of alpha and beta B subunits. Activin A is a dimer of beta A subunits, activin AB is a dimer of beta A and beta B chains. This family represents the alpha subunit of inhibin.

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