Aminobenzoyl-glutamate utilization protein B (IPR017145)

Short name: Aminobenzoyl-glu_utiliz_pB

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This entry contains proteins that are related to glutamate carboxypeptidase and classed as non-peptidase homologues belonging to MEROPS peptidase family M20 (glutamate carboxypeptidase, clan MH) [PMID: 7674922].

The bacterial amidohydrolase abgB catalyses the cleavage of p-aminobenzoyl-glutamate, a folate catabolite in Escherichia coli, to p-aminobenzoate and glutamate. p-Aminobenzoyl-glutamate is a natural end product of folate catabolism, and its utilization is initiated by the abg region gene product, AbgT, by enabling uptake of its into the cell in a concentration-dependent, saturable manner. It is subsequently cleaved by AbgA and AbgB (sometimes referred to as AbgAB) [PMID: 17307853, PMID: 9829935].

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