Virulence factor BrkB (IPR017039)

Short name: Virul_fac_BrkB

Family relationships


Members of this family include the largely uncharacterised BrkB (Bordetella resist killing by serum B) from Bordetella pertussis. It is essential for resistance to complement-dependent killing by serum in Bordetella pertussis [PMID: 7927748]. Some members have an additional C-terminal domain. Paralogs from E. coli (yhjD) and Mycobactrium tuberculosis (Rv3335c) are part of a smaller, related subfamily that form their own cluster [PMID: 1400219].

This family was originally predicted to be ribonuclease BN [PMID: 15764599] but this prediction has since been shown to be incorrect [PMID: 8955422].

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