Rhoptry protein, Rop2-like (IPR016815)

Short name: Rhoptry_Rop2-like

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This entry represents rhoptry proteins, such as Rop2, Rop4, Rop5, Rop7 and Rop18, which are found in Toxoplasma gondii (phylum Apicomplexa), an obligate intracellular parasite for which the discharge of apical organelles named rhoptries is a key event in host cell invasion [PMID: 17022100]. Rop4 is thought to play a role in parasitophorous vacuole membrane function during the infection of host organisms [PMID: 15470260]. Rop5 is secreted during invasion and associates with the parasitophorous vacuole membrane [PMID: 16879455]. Rop18 is a rhoptry kinase that controls the intracellular proliferation of T. gondii [PMID: 17305424].

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