TGF beta-induced protein/periostin (IPR016666)

Short name: TGFBI/POSTN

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This entry includes TGF beta-induced protein (TGFBI, also known as betaig-H3 and keratoepithelin) and Periostin. They are are paralogues that contain a single emilin (EMI) and four fasciclin-1 (FAS1) modules and are secreted from cells [PMID: 26288337].

Transforming growth factor-beta-induced protein is an extracellular matrix protein that plays a role in a wide range of physiological and pathological conditions including diabetes, corneal dystrophy and tumorigenesis [PMID: 22949874].

Periostin (also known as osteoblast-specific factor 2), is a secreted cell adhesion protein, which has been linked to cancer, and degenerative/allergic diseases [PMID: 18381746, PMID: 26288337].

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