Photosystem I PsaG/PsaK, plant (IPR016370)

Short name: PSI_PsaG/PsaK_pln

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Photosystem I (PSI) [PMID: 3333014] is an integral membrane protein complex that uses light energy to mediate electron transfer from plastocyanin to ferredoxin. It is found in the chloroplasts of plants and cyanobacteria. PSI is composed of at least 14 different subunits, two of which, PSI-G (gene psaG) and PSI-K (gene psaK), are small hydrophobic proteins of about 7 to 9 Kd and evolutionary related [PMID: 8360180]. Both seem to contain two transmembrane regions. Cyanobacteria contain only PSI-K.

This group represents the photosystem I subunits PsaG and PsaK from plants.

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