Homologous Superfamily

FAD-binding, type PCMH, subdomain 2 (IPR016169)

Short name: FAD-bd_PCMH_sub2

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According to structural similarities and conserved sequence motifs,FAD-binding domains have been grouped in three main families: (i) theferredoxin reductase (FR)-type FAD-binding domain,(ii) the FAD-binding domains that adopt a Rossmann fold and (iii) the p-cresol methylhydroxylase (PCMH)-type FAD-binding domain [PMID: 11514662].

The PCMH-type FAD-binding domain consists of two alpha-beta subdomains: one is composed of three parallel beta-strands (B1-B3) surrounded by alpha-helices, and is packed against the second subdomain containing five antiparallel beta-strands (B4-B8) surrounded by alpha-helices [PMID: 10623531]. The two subdomains accommodate the FAD cofactor between them [PMID: 10694883]. This superfamily represents the second (C-terminal) subdomain, which is found in:

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