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Ribosomal protein L1, 3-layer alpha/beta-sandwich (IPR016095)

Short name: Ribosomal_L1_3-a/b-sand

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Ribosomal protein L1 is the largest protein from the large ribosomal subunit. The L1 protein contains two domains: 2-layer alpha/beta domain and a 3-layer alpha/beta domain (interrupts the first domain). This entry represents the 3-layer domain.

It has been shown that the 2-layer alpha/beta-sandwich domain is for RNA binding. The 3-layer alpha/beta domain is to stabilise the L1-rRNA complex [PMID: 17962298]. The 3-layer domain of ribosomal protein TthL1 hinders binding of intact protein with RNA due to interdomain flexibility. As a result, the rate of complex formation with mRNA increases for the isolated domain I as compared with that for intact TthL1 [PMID: 18778715].

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