Pheromone Er-1, protozoan (IPR016058)

Short name: Pheromone_Er1_protoz

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Protozoan pheromones are cell-type specific protein signals. This entry represents the mating ciliate pheromone (or gamone) Er-1 from the protozoan Euplotes raikovi. Er-1 is a diffusible extracellular communication signal that distinguishes different intra-specific classes of cells commonly referred to as 'mating types'. Er-1 prepares these cells for conjugation by changing its cell surface properties. Er-1 exists as membrane-bound and secreted forms, where the membrane-bound form promotes inter-cellular communication and adhesion for mating pair formation and may act as binding site for the secreted form. The mitogenic activity induced by the Er pheromone autocrine signalling can be inhibited by cAMP [PMID: 12681291]. The NMR structure of Er-1 reveals an all-alpha orthogonal bundle topology [PMID: 15299668, PMID: 7833812]. In some cases, different pheromones can compete with each other in binding to their cell-surface receptors.

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