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Pheromone Er-23, protozoan (IPR016056)

Short name: Pheromone_Er23_protoz

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Protozoan pheromones are cell-type specific protein signals. This entry represents the mating ciliate pheromone (or gamone) Er-23 from the protozoan Euplotes raikovi. Er-23 is a diffusible extracellular communication signal that distinguishes different intra-specific classes of cells commonly referred to as 'mating types'. Er-23 prepares these cells for conjugation by changing its cell surface properties. The mitogenic activity induced by the Er pheromone autocrine signalling can be inhibited by cAMP [PMID: 12681291]. The NMR structure of Er-23 reveals an all-alpha topology that is rich in disulphide bonds [PMID: 11700049]. In some cases, different pheromones can compete with each other in binding to their cell-surface receptors.

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