Tellurite resistance methyltransferase TehB-like domain (IPR015985)

Short name: TehB-like_dom

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Tellurite resistance protein TehB is part of a tellurite-reducing operon tehA and tehB. When present in high copy number, TehB is responsible for potassium tellurite resistance, probably by increasing the reduction rate of tellurite to metallic tellurium within the bacterium. TehB is a cytoplasmic protein which possesses three conserved motifs (I, II, and III) found in S-adenosyl-L-methionine (SAM)-dependent non-nucleic acid methyltransferases [PMID: 11053398]. Conformational changes in TehB are observed upon binding of both tellurite and SAM, suggesting that TehB utilises a methyltransferase activity in the detoxification of tellurite.

This entry represents the methyltransferase domain found in all TehB proteins.

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