Homologous Superfamily

P40 nucleoprotein, subdomain 1, Borna disease virus (IPR015969)

Short name: P40_nucleoprot_sub1_BD-vir

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This entry represents P40 nucleoproteins from several Borna disease virus (BDV) strains. BDV is an RNA virus that is a member of the Mononegavirales family, which includes such members as Measles virus and Ebola virus sp.. BDV causes an infection of the central nervous system in a wide range of vertebrates, which can progress to an often fatal immune-mediated disease known as Borna disease. Viral nucleoproteins are central to transcription, replication, and packaging of the RNA genome. P40 nucleoprotein from BDV is multi-helical in structure and can be divided into two subdomains, each of which has an alpha-bundle topology [PMID: 9882386]. The nucleoprotein assembles into a planar homotetramer, with the RNA genome either wrapping around the outside of the tetramer or possibly fitting within the charged central channel of the tetramer [PMID: 14527390].

This entry represents one of the two alpha-bundle subdomains.

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