Twist-related (IPR015789)

Short name: Twist-related

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Twist was first identified in Drosophila melanogaster as a gene crucial for proper gastrulation and mesoderm formation [PMID: 3416836]. Twist is a basic helix-loop-helix transcription factor that acts in a signalling cascade that initiates mesoderm development during gastrulation when it is involved in regulating the process of epithelial-mesenchymal transition (EMT) [PMID: 9716413, PMID: 15294153].

The bHLH (basic Helix-Loop-Helix) proteins contain the bHLH domain that is approximately 60 amino acids long and consists of a DNA-binding basic region followed by two a-helices separated by a variable loop region (HLH). The HLH domain promotes dimerisation, allowing the formation of homo- or heterodimeric complexes between different family members. Many bHLH proteins have been shown to act as transcriptional regulators [PMID: 12806077].

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