Lymphocyte function associated antigen 3 (IPR015714)

Short name: Lymphocyte_func-assoc_Ag_3

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The LFA-3 (CD2) adhesion molecule is a cell surface protein expressed by T cells and natural killer cells. LFA-3's extracellular region contains immunoglobulin-like domains that are glycosylated at two sites and can mediate homodimerisation [PMID: 12475217]. Ligation of LFA3 by CD58 in humans or CD48 in mice helps T cells adhere to antigen-presenting cells, and initiates signal transduction pathways that enhance signalling through the T cell receptor for antigen. LFA-3 knockout mice exhibit essentially normal immune function [PMID: 1358605], and it is thought that LFA-3 is somewhat functionally redundant with other T cell co-stimulatory receptors such as CD28 [PMID: 9794375].

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