Interleukin-20 receptor alpha (IPR015713)

Short name: IL-20_rcpt_alpha

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Interleukins are the cytokines that act specifically as mediators between leukocytes by binding to specific interleukin receptors. Despite this common role this group of receptors is somewhat structurally and functionally diverse. There are at least 29 distinct interleukins with corresponding receptors [PMID: 12821810]. Because a variety of human solid tumours have been shown to specifically express certain interleukin receptors such as the interleukin-4 and interleukin-13 receptors, these proteins are being investigated as therapeutic targets [PMID: 12429641, PMID: 12060640]. Interleukin signalling plays a role in autoimmune disease and therapeutic targeting of the interleukins and their receptors is being investigated here as well [PMID: 12773629, PMID: 9629302].

The IL-20 receptor alpha subunit forms a functional heterodimer with the IL-20 beta subunit, and transduces ligand-binding at least in part through STAT3 activation [PMID: 11564763].

This entry represents interleukin-20 receptor, alpha.

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