Secretin precursor (IPR015675)

Short name: Prosecretin

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A number of polypeptidic hormones, mainly expressed in the intestine or the pancreas, belong to a group of structurally related peptides [PMID: 3133967, PMID: 3291691]. Members of the structurally similar group include glucagon, glicentin precursor, secretin, gastric inhibitory protein, vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), prealbumin, peptide HI-27 and growth hormone releasing factor.

Secretin is a 27-amino acid hormone produced by specific endocrine cells, S cells, located in the mucosa of the proximal small intestine [PMID: 2315322]. Secretin is initially synthesised as a precursor protein known as prosecretin [PMID: 2315322, PMID: 2395872]. Secretin stimulates secretion of enzymes and ions in the pancreas and intestine, and is present in small amounts in the brain (e.g., in the hypothalamus, brainstem and cerebral cortex). Secretin receptors are found in high levels in the pancreas, stomach and heart [PMID: 11060443]. They activate adenylyl cyclase through stimulation of G proteins [PMID: 7612008].

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