Interferon beta (IPR015588)

Short name: Interferon_beta

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Interferon beta has many known roles. IFNb has effects on the production of cytokines by T helper lymphocytes, can antagonize some of the proinflammatory effects of IFNgamma, is pro-apoptotic, inhibits the production of matrix metalloproteases, and alters the expression of adhesion molecules and chemokines [PMID: 15264107].

Interferons [PMID: 3022999] are proteins that produce antiviral and antiproliferative responses in cells. On the basis of their sequence interferons are classified into five groups: alpha, alpha-II (or omega), beta, delta (or trophoblast). The sequence differences may possibly cause different responses to various inducers, or result in the recognition of different target cell types [PMID: 6170983]. The main conserved structural feature of interferons is a disulphide bond that, except in mouse beta interferon, occurs in all alpha, beta and omega sequences.

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