CD8 alpha subunit (IPR015468)

Short name: CD8_asu

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The CD8 alpha subunit is a component of the CD8 alpha-beta heterodimer and is additionally found as a homodimeric complex [PMID: 10493174]. Both of these species assist in the recognition of MHC class I-peptide complexes by the alpha-beta T cell receptor (TCR). CD8 binds to constant regions of the peptide-MHC complex and augments antigen-specific interactions that are formed by the TCR [PMID: 12133804]. Additionally, CD8 is directly coupled to TCR signalling by virtue of its interactions with the p56Lck kinase [PMID: 2107025], as well as other proteins. CD8 expression is limited to and one of the defining characteristics of cytolytic T cells.

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