T-cell receptor alpha chain, constant domain (IPR015370)

Short name: TCR_alpha_C

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This entry represents the constant domain of the alpha chain of alpha/beta T-cell antigen receptors (TCRs). TCRs mediate antigen recognition by T lymphocytes, and are composed of alpha and beta, or gamma and delta, polypeptide chains with variable (V) and constant (C) regions. Alpha/beta TCRs recognize antigen as peptide fragments presented by major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecules. The antigen binding site is formed by the variable domains of the alpha and beta chains, located at the N terminus of each chain [PMID: 18800968, PMID: 17011774, PMID: 17560120]. Alpha/beta TCRs recognize antigens differently from gamma/delta TCRs.

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