Glucodextranase, N-terminal (IPR015220)

Short name: Glucodextranase_N

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This domain is found in bacterial and archaeal glucoamylases and glucodextranases, and adopts a structure consisting of 17 antiparallel beta-strands [PMID: 12614608, PMID: 14660574]. These beta-strands are divided into two beta-sheets, and one of the beta-sheets is wrapped by an extended polypeptide, which appears to stabilise the domain. This domain, together with glycoside hydrolase domain A (IPR011613), is mainly involved with catalytic activity, hydrolysing alpha-1,6-glucosidic linkages of dextran to release beta-D-glucose from the non-reducing end via an inverting reaction mechanism [PMID: 14660574].

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